Writing Fiends

Meet the fiendish writers for Making Fiends

We have a small team of fiendishly good writers for the Making Fiends TV show. In fact, there's only four of them, including Amy and Pete.

Left: Madellaine in her office, AKA the Writing Room

The story editor is Madellaine Paxson. She has been writing for over ten years for many shows, including Unfabulous, Tarzan, and Pepper Ann.

Right: Madellaine contemplates YouTube

The other staff writer is Matt Negrete. He has written for numerous shows as well, and was also an executive producer on the hit Disney show "American Dragon: Jake Long".

Left: Matt Negrete and Amy on the thinking couch

And of course there are Amy and Pete, who we have already met. After getting together and thinking up story ideas that Amy approves of, the writers each take one of the ideas and make a script of it.

Right: Amy and a Pete fiend

The writers spend a lot of time writing and drawing on the whiteboard to help them think of ideas. Sometimes those ideas are good.

When a script has been read and approved by Amy and the other producers, it is ready to move on to the next steps - recording and storyboard!

Left: a whiteboard sketch by Pete

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