Voicing Fiends

Take a peek at a Making Fiends recording session

Agi Home Record

We've come a long way from the days of the web cartoon, when we would record voices in Amy's apartment. Aglaia would have to hit the "record" button herself, perform as Vendetta, then hit "stop". Amy would give some direction, and then Aglaia would start up take two, and so on.

Left: Aglaia records in the home studio. Notice the yellow plastic mug being used as a mic stand!

At Nickelodeon, things are a whole lot fancier. They have two professional recording studios right in the building, with real microphone stands and everything!

Right: Amy and Aglaia in Nickelodeon's shiny recording booth

We don't have to press the buttons ourselves anymore either. Nickelodeon has patient recording engineers, like Justin Brinsfield.

Left: Justin concentrates on his job

Dave Wasson directs the audio sessions, making sure we get all the best and fiendiest performances for every line.

Right: Dave directs while Justin gets ready to hit the buttons

The studio is comfortable, and we all have a great time as we wait for our turn to record our lines.

Left: Composer Ego Plum and Peter Merryman wait on the couch with casting director Meredith Layne

They even provide snacks for us. Voice recording is so much fun!

Right: Amy enjoys a delicious snack in the background


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