Designing characters for Making Fiends

Aglaia Mortcheva is not only the voice of Vendetta, but also the character designer for the TV show. There are always lots of new people and fiends to design. We sometimes wonder how Aglaia does it all. Does she have secret help?

Left: Aglaia's designing fiend, hard at work

Aglaia uses a fancy computer to draw clean and animatable designs from Amy's sketches and descriptions.

Right: A fancy computer


Left: Amy's sketch and Aglaia's finished design

You can see that the characters' designs have not changed much at all from the web cartoon. The lines and shapes are cleaner, and the eyes are a little brighter.

Right: old Charlotte and new Charlotte


Aglaia also makes turnarounds for all the major characters, so they are easy to animate from any angle!

Some important characters are passed to an animator to create a walk cycle. Different characters have different ways of walking, and designing it ahead of time helps the characters move the same way no matter how many different people animate it.

Right: A Charlotte walk cycle test

Below: A menagerie of fiendy folks!


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