Fiendy Textures

Textures give the backgrounds more fiendishness


One of the big differences between the TV show and the web cartoon is the variety of textures we use in the backgrounds. On the web series, to make the files small Amy repeated the same tiny texture over and over again. We still use that texture in the tv show too- but now we've added many more.

Left: A background from the web cartoon

Amy has used photographic textures since she first started making films. For her first cartoon she cut out pieces from old nature magazines and glued them to animation cels. For a later film, The Bad Plant , she took digital pictures of things like dish gloves and potatoes to use as 3D textures.

Right: A still from The Bad Plant. The texture of the television set is made from a photo Amy took of the fur of a stuffed walrus.

Space Beet

Bummy Pilot

Left: Before Making Fiends, Amy also used this technique when she made a television pilot based on her web cartoon Big Bunny.

For the Making Fiends tv show Amy took some new photos of such fascinating things as concrete, tree trunks, onions and dirt. With the help of talented background color designers Craig Simmons and Liz Chincarini, these mundane textures are transformed into very fiendish things!

Left: The sky in this picture is a combination of a photo of Amy's palm with a photo she took of the sky.



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