I Know a Song about Monkeys!

The songs of Making Fiends

Songs have been a lot of fun on Making Fiends. Amy writes the songs that Charlotte and other characters sing. She then records a demo track to send to composer Ego Plum (or sings on his answering machine) so that he can write the accompaniment.

Right: Amy and her trusty kazoo



Ego Plum has found ways to incorporate many unusual sounds into his arrangements, such as dripping water, a goat, and a banana shaped harmonica that Amy brought back from Hawaii.

Left: Ego Plum with a guiro and a pump organ

Ego also records samples of toy pianos, slide whistles, baby rattles, plastic xylophones, music boxes and wheezy pump organs to use in his music. He sometimes deliberately leaves instruments out of tune to give the music an off-kilter, childlike quality.

Right: A toy xylophone



Occasionally we all pitch in help to play the music. Our less than perfect skill at playing instruments helps give the music a nice homemade feel- just like in the web episodes.

Left: Production Coordinator Ken Mu uses a cardboard box as a drum.

There are lots and lots of new songs on the Making Fiends tv show. We can't wait to share them all with you!


Right: Hooray for singing vegetables!



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