Meet Ego Plum!

Ego Plum composes the music of Making Fiends

Ego Plum

Ego Plum is a composer, musician and artist from Los Angeles. His inventiveness, sense of humor and general fiendishness has made him the ideal composer for Making Fiends. When the animation for a Making Fiends episode is finished, Ego creates music for many of the scenes. Ego also provides accompaniment for the silly songs that Amy writes for Charlotte.

Left: Ego Plum with a fiend

Ego Plum has released several critically acclaimed albums on his own imprint Ebola Music Records. He is the musical director of the ten piece Ebola Music Orchestra. Ego is a self-taught musician. His only formal musical training was completing a tap dance class at East LA College.

Right: Ego Plum at his home studio

Ego Plum is greatly influenced by the works of composer/inventor Raymond Scott. He is currently coordinating with the Raymond Scott Archives to put on a West Coast tribute show in 2009.

Ego has also performed with members of Oingo Boingo and collaborated on several projects with David J (of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets) including mixing and performing on Pixies' frontman Frank Black's latest project, Grand Duchy.

Left: Ego directs singing vegetables

Ego Plum began scoring for film and television in 2000. He is currently working on several new projects while experimenting with the fine art of beard grooming.

Right: A pre-bearded Ego Plum with Tesla- the world's largest cow


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