Early Fiendiness

Where do fiends come from? From Amy's sketches!

When thinking about how to take Making Fiends from a web cartoon to a TV show, Amy did lots and lots of sketches. She sketched new fiends, new places, and new ideas.

Right: Pete sketches bananas while Amy sketches fiends


Far left: a mailbox fiend for Vendetta's house

Near left: a fiend for a new episode


Right: Charlotte's house

Below: A wide view of the town of Clamburg


Amy also spent lots of time experimenting with new textures for backgrounds. Because television doesn't worry about bandwidth, she could use all kinds of neat textures for the TV show.

Left: a texturey ground and sky

Below: Clamburg with texture

In the end, Amy came up wiith a style and technique that she was pleased with. It is very similar to the web cartoon, but fancier and fiendier!


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