Making Fiends goes to Comic Con 2007!

Amy, Aglaia, and Pete had a Making Fiends panel at San Diego Comic Con in 2007

In July of 2007, San Diego Comic Con, the biggest popular arts convention in the world, hosted a panel on Making Fiends! Amy, Aglaia, and Pete shared some sneak peaks from the show in production, and then answered questions from the audience.

Right: It's the Making Fiends panel!



Hundreds of fans came to see the panel, filling the room. Amy talked about how the web cartoon originated, and then we screened the web episode, "Vegetables."

Left: Aglaia answers fiendish questions

After some more slides of character design and background sneak peaks, we screened two animatics, which are unfinished episodes in storyboard form. The first was a scene from the TV version of "Vegetables," and the second was the full episode animatic for another web cartoon adaptation, "Shrinking Charlotte." Finally, the panel ended with a peek at the opening title sequence for the show.

Right: Making Fiends at the Nickelodeon booth

Comic Con

After the panel, we met many of our fiendish fans. We hope to see you all again next year!

Left: Executive in charge Claudia Spinelli, creator Amy Winfrey, and voice actors Aglaia Mortcheva and Peter Merryman


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