Meet Pete!

Peter Merryman is the voice of numerous characters and fiends, and a writer for the TV show

Peter Merryman is an animator, writer, and voice artist. He has worked at South Park, and lent his voice to many of Amy Winfrey's characters, including Mr. Milk, Grudge, and Big Bunny.

Right: Peter Merryman and fiend
Peter Merryman

Pete met Amy Winfrey at UCLA, where they were both students in the graduate animation program. He has narrated and voiced a number of Amy's student films, so when Amy began her web cartoons, he was a natural choice for many roles. As Amy's boyfriend, and eventually husband, Pete was also handy for additional help packing T-shirt orders and occasionally animating a scene or two.

Left: Pete folding "Making Fiends" T-shirts

Pete worked as a technical director on the first season of South Park, and then as an animator for the second through fourth seasons. He left to finish his animation degree at UCLA, then returned as a TD again for the seventh through ninth seasons.

Right: Pete with Isaac Hayes ("Chef") during the first season of South Park

Pete currently writes for the Making Fiends TV show, as well as lending his voice to numerous fiendy characters. He has never had more fun in his life.

Pete also likes to entertain the writing staff with humorous sketches. He is working on a children's book, and someday would like to write a cheesy fantasy novel.

Left: Pete recording at Nickelodeon

Pete lives in Los Angeles with Amy. He is pleased that they live within bicycling distance of the Nickelodeon studio. When he has free time, he likes to cook, play music, and read.

Right: Pete enjoys a beverage with Amy


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