How Making Fiends met Nickelodeon

After completing her previous web cartoons Muffin Films and Big Bunny, Amy Winfrey started the Making Fiends web cartoon in mid 2003. As the series took shape and drew more and more fans, Amy began selling T-shirts and DVDs in her online Giftshop. Sales were good enough that Amy could make a happy living from her little cartoon.

Making Fiends Nick

In early 2004, Nickelodeon contacted Amy about possibly bringing Making Fiends to TV. Negotiations began, and within a year the long development period had started. During development, Amy continued to create new web episodes independently, and her own giftshop remained open for business.

In 2006, Nickelodeon began distributing many of the early web episodes on their streaming video site, called Turbonick, and then later as video podcasts available on iTunes.

Finally, in late 2006, Nickelodeon told Amy the good news - they were officially picking up Making Fiends for its first season of television episodes! Amy moved into her office at Nickelodeon in January 2007, and the production has been going ever since...


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