Fiendish Origins

Where do fiends come from?

Amy is often asked where she got the idea for Making Fiends. She's not sure exactly, but long before Making Fiends she liked to draw strange and fantastical animals in her sketchbook. She was pleased to finally find a use for all these creations when she started making Making Fiends.


Right: Fiends-to-be from Amy's sketchbook.

Amy is often inspired by silly looking and improbable animals that exist in the real world. She once kept a salamander as a pet, but this one is a tiny bit larger and definitely more fiendish.

Left: A Chinese Giant Salamander- the largest species of amphibian in the world!

This is her favorite animal at the LA Zoo. She wishes more animals were so magnificently mustachioed. Amy is also fond of pangolins.

Right: A dapper Emperor Tamarin


Amy currently owns several odd pets. Her pet flounder spends its days hiding up to its eyeballs in sand, and her parrot has a great fondness for hanging upside down. Hooray for fiend-like pets!

left: Amy's flounder hides in the sand.

Below: Amy's parrot hangs upside down from her ceiling lamp.



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