Meet Dave!

Dave Wasson is the supervising producer and supervising director of Making Fiends

Dave Wasson

Dave Wasson is an animator, show creator, art director, producer, voice actor, and more. His experience and sense of humor have made Making Fiends into a very fun cartoon to make. He supervises the entire production, alongside Amy, from start to finish, and his expertise is invaluable!

Left: Dave Wasson is proud of Making Fiends

Dave oversees voice recording, character and prop design, storyboard, editing, sound effects, and final mix. He and Amy work together all day long to make sure Making Fiends is as fiendy as it can be!

Right: Dave and Amy direct a voice record

Dave not only directs the voice sessions, but voices a number of characters as well, from helpless citizens of Clamburg to hapless pigeons to fiendish fiends.

Left: Dave recording a fiendy voice

Dave is the creator of the Cartoon Network show "Time Squad", and produced and ran the Disney Channel show "The Buzz on Maggie". His student films appeared in the Spike and Mike Animation Festival, and he won an Emmy for his short film "Max and His Special Problem."

Right: A Time Squad maquette in Dave's office
Dave Wasson

When not making fiendish cartoons, Dave likes to sew, wrestle bears, and volunteer at the soup kitchen. He has a pet pig named Zeek.

Left: Dave with Zeek the pig


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