Meet Amy!

Amy Winfrey is the creator of Making Fiends, and the voice of Charlotte, Marion, Charlene, and more

Amy Winfrey is an animator, writer, voice artist, songwriter, and show creator. She has created a number of popular independent web cartoons, including Making Fiends!

Right: Amy Winfrey with a fiend

Amy Winfrey

Amy Winfrey Oscar 2000

Amy got her start in animation while attending UCLA. She picked an animation class out of the catalog, just for fun, and enjoyed it. She later entered the UCLA Animation MFA program full time.

While at UCLA, Amy made a short 3D computer film called "The Bad Plant", which went on to win a silver medal at the 2000 Student Academy Awards.

Left top: A still from Amy's Student Oscar winning film "The Bad Plant"
Left bottom: Amy at the 2000 Student Academy Awards, with presenter and animation voice legend June Foray

While attending UCLA, Amy worked as an animator on the Comedy Central series South Park, whose first season was being produced in Westwood, only a few blocks from the UCLA campus. She later took a break from school to work full time on the South Park feature film.

Right: Amy at work in her office at Nickelodeon


In a class at UCLA, Amy made a website dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of Traffic Cones. Amy was surprised by how many visitors came to her website, so she decided that her thesis project at UCLA would be a series of short web cartoons. The result, Muffin Films, found a large and enthusiastic audience.

When all dozen of the muffin films were finished, Amy created another web series, Big Bunny. Big Bunny lives on his own website, where he entertains new fans, many of which are introduced to him by Lauren Myracle's 2007 bestseller l8r, g8r.

Left top: Muffin Films
Left bottom: Big Bunny

Amy is having a lot of fun at Nickelodeon producing the TV show version of Making Fiends! She has never been busier, but she is very pleased.

Right: Amy recording voices at Nickelodeon

Amy lives in Los Angeles with her husband Pete and a small collection of real life fiends.

Left: Amy's pet flounder.


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