Meet Aglaia!

Aglaia Mortcheva is the voice of Vendetta, and also the character designer for the TV show


Aglaia Mortcheva is an animator, painter, character designer, and voice artist. She has animated for South Park, designed characters for numerous cartoons, and of course lent her voice to Vendetta. Aglaia was born and raised in Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe.

Left: Aglaia Mortcheva with a fiend

Aglaia met Amy Winfrey at UCLA, where they were both students in the graduate animation program. They later worked together as animators on the South Park movie. When Amy needed a voice for her latest web cartoon, she thought Aglaia's sense of humor and distinct accent would be great match for the surly green fiend-maker.

Right: Aglaia recording audio for the Making Fiends web cartoon in Amy's home studio

Aglaia is a talented artist. In addition to working as an animator and character designer, she also illustrates children's books and creates humorous and twisted paintings. Her paintings have shown at galleries all over Los Angeles.

Left: One of Aglaia's many paintings

Aglaia currently works as the character designer for the Making Fiends TV show, and continues to lend her voice to Vendetta. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a thousand books. She is now a citizen of the United States, and can't wait for her next jury duty.

Right: Aglaia recording audio at Nickelodeon


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