Visit Buttery Clamburg

What the backgrounds for Making Fiends will not be...


The Making Fiends TV show features a unique new background style never before seen on television. Unlike the original web episodes, all backgrounds on the television show are painstakingly crafted from butter. It takes approximately four pounds of freshly churned goodness to create each and every background.

Left: A background begins...

Pat by pat the town of Clamburg comes to life. You can see how much more buttery the new backgrounds are compared to the web originals!

Right: Charlotte and Vendetta's newly buttered school

Below: Vendetta's house from the TV show (left) and the web cartoon (right)




After much trial and error, it was found to be most cost effective to create the butter from scratch at Nickelodeon. Ten dairy cows are now a permanent part of the Making Fiends crew. It is a frequent and welcome sight to see them grazing near the sidewalk outside the studio. In the future, the Making Fiends crew would like to acquire yaks in hopes of achieving a greater variety of buttery hues.


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