Fiendy TV!

How the TV show will be just like the web cartoon, but fiender!

So what is the Making Fiends TV show going to be like? Will it be as fiendy as the web cartoon?

It is going to be just like the web cartoon, but even fiender! We have a great crew at Nickelodeon, and all of them love the web cartoon as much as you do.

Here's a little sneak peek...

Making Fiends will be a half hour long TV show. Each half hour will have three 7 minute episodes. A few of these episodes are based on the web cartoons, but there will be lots of new stories too.

Amy Winfrey is overseeing all of the episodes in every detail, from the writing to the artwork to the final sound mix. It's a huge amount of work but she is enjoying it!


All the original voices from the web cartoon are working on the TV show. Amy Winfrey is Charlotte, Aglaia Mortcheva is Vendetta, and Peter Merryman is a bunch of fiendy folks.

The characters are going to look almost exactly the same. See for yourself, to the right. Hmm, Grudge looks a little fatter...
The backgrounds are in the same style and technique as the web cartoon, but much more detailed. Here to the left is the TV version of Charlotte's house.
And of course, the world of Making Fiends has expanded. Here's the dreary coastal town of Clamburg, where everyone lives in fear of Vendetta's fiends. Well, everyone but Charlotte!

Amy couldn't be more pleased with how the TV show is turning out.

We'll post more detailed info and sneak peeks on this site in the coming weeks. Be sure to come back and visit soon!


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