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Season 1

1A: Charlotte's First Day
1B: A Fiendish Friend
1C: Super Evil

2A: Vegetables
2B: Toupee
2C: Mama Vendetta

3A: Shrinking Charlotte
3B: Parents
3C: No Singing

4A: Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!
4B: Shorts: Set 1 (Dear Pretty Diary/Dear Stupid Journal)
4C: Marvin the Middle Manager

5A: Parentnapped
5B: Smash
5C: New Best Friend

6A: Tornado
6B: Shorts: Set 2 (The Land of Cheese)
6C: Pony

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Season 1:

Episode 1: New Student
Episode 2: Show and Tell
Episode 3: Vegetables
Episode 4: Scissor Fiend
Episode 5: Halloween
Episode 6: Kitty Kitty Kitty
Episode 7: Shrinking Slug
Episode 8: Birthday
Episode 9: Mrs. Minty
Episode 10: Feeding Pets

Holiday: X-mas Bonus
Holiday: Halloween Game

Season 2:

Episode 11: No More Charlotte
Episode 12: Election
Episode 13: Invisible
Episode 14: Wonderful Wintry Day
Episode 15: Valentine's Day
Episode 16: Rainy Day Schedule
Episode 17: April Fool's
Episode 18: Rubella
Episode 19: Concrete Shoes
Episode 20: The End of All Things

Holiday: Thanksgiving
Holiday: April Fool's 2012



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