Downtown Clamburg

A closer look at the fiendish sights


Let's visit downtown Clamburg! Boarded up buildings are a common sight along the boulevard since Vendetta has closed many of the businesses that she does not like.

Left: Amy's early sketches for downtown Clamburg.


Some places have survived Vendetta's wrath such as the Discount Clam Emporium and the Giant Pet Supply Store.

Right: Vendetta and Grudge "buy" hamster food.




Besides an onion stand that sells raw and pickled onions and onion soda, Clamburg has a fancy restaurant called Le Mayonnaise. Se magnifique!

There are so many things to see in Clamburg. Soon you will get to enjoy many more sights on tv. Wheee!

Left: Oo la la Le Mayonnaise

Bottom: What a pretty town!





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